Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Burn the blonde-blog giveaway

Last Monday (Halloween) I got a tweet from the lovely Sarah Doyle at burn the blonde telling me I had won her blog competition that she had launched to celebrate her blog's first birthday.

I love burn the blonde, it's been on my blog roll (just to the right of this page) for ages plus it's so inspiring that her blog is only one year old and she's achieved so much like being one on of the final five of the Look blog competition.  But enough sucking up.  This is what I was sent.

I live in a bit of an obscure place, so when packages arrive and me and my Momma are out they usually go to the neighbours.  I get soooo annoyed when they go back to the sorting office because I have to catch a bus there.  This time though the clever posty put it on a shelf outside my house.  I was so excited when I came home from uni to see it there.

I love this! I've really got into nail art lately.  I bought a big pack of nail pens from ebay a while ago.  If I get any good i'll post the looks on here.

 I was a little tentative of purposely rubbing oil into my combination skin but after applying it morning and night it's made my skin really soft without it looking greasy. Plus it's combated impurities and dry skin I have on my forehead   Win!!

This is without a doubt the best fake-tan i've ever tried.  It doesn't stink but has a soft, hardly noticeable smell.  I have a few burn marks on my arm which I'm quite conscious about because they are U-G-L-Y but fake tanning hides them.  This one hides it quite well but doesn't look like i'm being fake every day!

 I can't wait to use these nails, they're so pretty! I got some easy to apply fake eyelashes too!

Some really pretty things! I spent all of Friday night having a play and taking photos.

This has made me kick my ass into gear about organising a blog give away.  I've decided that when I reach 50 followers either on Facebook, Bloglovin' or Google Friend Connect (whichever one reaches it first) I will launch my first blog give away competiton.

So follow follow.  It means the world when people take the time to follow me so if you're a fan of the geek in the stripey top please do.

Thanks again to Sarah from Burn the Blonde and hope to see many more years of your blog.



  1. Aww so glad you liked it babe! The tan is amazing isn't it! Glad you love the facial oil too!

    P.S Be careful about putting your address online hun XX

  2. i'm so made up with it all :)

    Oh thanks, yeah I wasn't too sure, looking back now it was a less than sensible thing to do, thanks for that :)



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